What We Do


Competitive Advantage

Venture Alliance partners with bank asset managers who provide property inventory at discounted market values, advanced market data, and relevant economic forecast in high demand geographic locations. This provides opportunity to offer investors greater value by means of lower prices and higher returns.

Creating Better Value

Providing state of the art upgrades to the investment properties with license skilled contractors who increase the value of the property much more than the costs invested.  Each city has its own construction team and project manager, who increase our efficiency and minimize costs.

Buy and Sell Strategy

Venture Alliance purchases properties for much less than their current value, and implements custom upgrades to achieve the highest possible exit price.

Buy and Hold Strategy

Homes are purchased in high demand areas that have the potential for price increase to provide monthly income for investors.

Wholesale Strategy

Our business model includes partnering with bank asset managers who sell foreclosed properties at wholesale prices.   We share the foreclosure properties with investors to benefit all parties involved.

Property Enhancement Strategy

Partner with property owners to identify opportunities that would increase the value of their properties through renovation at zero cost in preparation for sale or refinance.

Investor Satisfaction

Our investors are important to us – and as such, we partner with them to provide full transparency on each investment and provide periodic reports on the progress of their investment.  We work hand-in-hand to develop a strategy aligned with each investor’s objectives.



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